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updated at: November 2023

Your Complete Generative Voice AI Toolkit

Resembles AI voice generator lets you create human–like voice overs in seconds.

Category: Text To Speech
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Resemble’s AI voice generator's Pricing Plans

Resemble’s AI voice generator may change prices at any time. Here's our latest information:

Pricing that scales with you.


Pay-as -you-go for custom voices built on the platform


per second

  • Web-Recorded Custom Voices
  • Up to 10 Voices
  • Speech to Speech
  • Localize English to Spanish (MX), French and British Accent
  • 50+ Marketplace Voices
  • Unlimited Audio Downloads
  • Pay as you go


Custom data, massive scale, and deployment needs

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  • Upload Custom Data
  • Speech to Speech
  • Enhanced Emotion Control
  • Low Latency APIs
  • Text Translation
  • Localize AI voices in up to 62 languages
  • Voice Creation API

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