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updated at: November 2023

Easy, fast and affordable AI design solutions for indie creatives, including book cover, podcast cover, logo and more.

MagiMaker provides tailored design solutions for book/podcast covers, logos, and more. Our user-friendly platform creates high quality results via a simple Q&A process - no learning curve required! We strive for expediency, providing your creative concepts, Midjourney prompts, and selected best images within 24 hours, along with any necessary adjustments such as text or element removal.

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MagiMaker's Pricing Plans

MagiMaker may change prices at any time. Here's our latest information:

Pricing Plans

Free Trial

The essentials to let you know how MagiMaker works.



  • 1 Unique Book Cover / Podcast Cover / Logo design idea
  • 1 Tailored Midjourney prompt for plain Book Cover / Podcast Cover / Logo
  • 1-4 Sample Images will be sent to your provided email within one week.
  • premium support

Pro Plan

The perfect plan for your design journey.


early discount

  • 100+ Unique and Detailed Book Cover / Podcast Cover / Logo design ideas
  • 100+ Tailored Midjourney Prompts for Book Cover / Podcast Cover / Logo images
  • 30+ Images selected from hundres of Tailored Midjourney Images
  • A dedicated user dashboard to browse delivered images and all generated grid images
  • Additional services, such as creation of book mockups, removal of fake text and unwanted element from delivered images
  • premium support

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