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updated at: November 2023

Smart Conversations, Smarter CRM: Elevate Your WhatsApp Business Communication with ChatGPT AI

WADeck is a free WhatsApp CRM tool with a GPT-powered AI assistant to enhance your workflow and productivity. It enables custom tab organization for conversations, allowing efficient coordination. You can create and send customizable message templates with rich media attachments. Use WADeck to double your transaction rate effortlessly.

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WADeck's Pricing Plans

WADeck may change prices at any time. Here's our latest information:

Pricing Plans - WADeck Extension


for Individuals



  • All system tabs
  • Profile: 500
  • Notes: 500
  • Message Templates: 5
  • Quick Replies: 5
  • Storage limit: 20M
  • Custom tabs: 5
  • Reminders: 10
  • Broadcast
  • AI Assistant
  • Auto Reply
  • Schedule Message


for Individuals & SMB Teams



  • Everything in Starter
  • Profile: Unlimited
  • Notes: Unlimited
  • Message Templates: 10
  • Auto Replies: 10
  • Quick Replies: 10
  • Schedule Messages: 10
  • Storage limit: 100M
  • Custom tabs: Unlimited
  • Broadcast: 1000/day
  • AI Assistant: 1000/month
  • Reminders: 100
  • Prioritized email service


for Teams



  • Everything in Premium
  • Message Templates: 50
  • Auto Replies: Unlimited
  • Quick Replies: Unlimited
  • Schedule Messages: Unlimited
  • Storage limit: 1G
  • Broadcast: Unlimited
  • AI Assistant: 3000/month
  • Reminders: Unlimited

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