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updated at: January 2024

Transform isolated meetings into a collaborative journey with Huudle, Al meeting assistance 🤖

Connect all meetings around the same topic in a single space, track key points via Al highlights, video message short updates, and let Al handle the follow-up.

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Huudle's Pricing Plans

Huudle may change prices at any time. Here's our latest information:

Flexible Plans and Features


Up to 3 async huudle projects or/and 90 min recording length


  • Unlimited Number of Participants
  • Screen & Cam recording
  • Comments & Screen Drawing
  • Public Sharable Link
  • Polls
  • Complimentary AI Capabilities


Unlimited async huudle projects Unlimited storage for your old huudles



  • Essential AI Capabilities
  • AI Transcription
  • AI Summary
  • Search All Videos and Transcripts
  • AI Coach
  • And Everything in Starter

Alternatives AI applications for Huudle

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Fireflies.Ai - Automate your meeting notes - Notetaker & Conversation Intelligence

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Jamie - AI Assistant for Meeting Summaries

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Supernormal - AI That Writes Your Meeting Notes

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Wudpecker is an AI meeting tool that sets the new default for storing meeting knowledge. Get summaries, action items, and insights from your Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams meetings.