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updated at: November 2023

A GPT-Powered Chatbot for Any Site.

You can add source content in 3 ways: -Crawling any public site via a URL (e.g. your marketing site or blog) -Syncing with a CMS (like Zendesk or Intercom) - Add content manually. The chatbot is then trained on that content and will answer questions based on that content only.

Category: Chat Bot
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Commandbar HelpHub's Pricing Plans

Commandbar HelpHub may change prices at any time. Here's our latest information:

Join some of the highest quality teams on planet Earth -- with plans for individuals to Fortune 500s


For getting started with HelpHub



  • 1,000 messages / month
  • 50 source docs
  • 200 suggestions / month
  • Manual sync
  • “Powered By“ branding
  • 1 Editor seat


For individuals and small teams


  • 10,000 messages / month
  • 200 source docs
  • 2,000 suggestions / month
  • Manual sync
  • “Powered By” branding
  • 2 Editor seats


For fast-growing companies

  • 20,000 messages / month
  • 2000 source docs
  • 4,000 suggestions / month
  • Model selection
  • Automated sync
  • Custom CSS
  • 5 Editor seats


For enterprises who want the most out of HelpHub

Let's chat

  • Unlimited messages
  • Unlimited source docs
  • Unlimited suggestions
  • Model selection
  • Bring your own API key
  • SAML, User Roles, SOC2, and more

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