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updated at: December 2023

AI SQL Query Builder: Easiest Way to Build SQL Queries Without Prior SQL Knowledge - SQL Query Builder Using AI

Professional AI-powered SQL and NoSQL generator with free tier. AI generates, explains, optimizes SQL queries for you using cutting-edge AI technology in seconds.

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AI SQL BOT's Pricing Plans

AI SQL BOT may change prices at any time. Here's our latest information:

Work smarter and faster with our professional and affordable AI solutions.


Use all generators, import data sources and use basic AI model.



  • 300,000 Tokens/Mo (GTP-3.5)


More tokens, more powerful AI model and connected data sources.



  • 100,000 Tokens/Mo (GTP-4)
  • 1,000,000 Tokens/Mo (GTP-3.5)
  • Connect to Data Sources


Build data dashboards for real-time data insights and get more tokens.



  • 300,000 Tokens/Mo (GTP-4)
  • 2,000,000 Tokens/Mo (GTP-3.5)
  • Connect to Data Sources
  • Data Dashboards

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